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I'm Rachel, mother of three and lifetime vegetarian.

I set up Little Veggie Eats on Instagram back in 2015 as a way of documenting my son’s weaning journey. I had just emerged from the first 6 months of motherhood, which, like for many, passed in a blur. Whilst I was enjoying being a mother I was finding many aspects
of it pretty monotonous – changing, feeding, baby classes, sleeping (a bit!)... on repeat. Turns out, rather than being more monotony, weaning was actually really fun and a brilliant opportunity to get creative.

My own style of cooking and recipes has evolved with my family and now I'm a firm believer in one meal for all the family.

About the book

Whether you would like to wean your baby as vegetarian or vegan, or you are looking for creative ways to reduce dairy, meat and fish in your baby's diet, Little Veggie Eats is packed with tips, hacks and advice to ensure all your baby's nutritional needs are met in their first year.

Including recipes such as Rainbow Pancakes, Breakfast Sushi, Baby Buddha Bowls, Magic Curry and Apricot and Coconut Bliss Balls, along with specific sections on allergies and the best sources of plant-based protein and iron, this book will ensure you can wean your baby as vegetarian or vegan with ease and confidence.

With over 60 delicious meals and snacks, all free from refined sugar and packed with wholesome ingredients, Little Veggie Eats is your go-to planet-friendly weaning guide.

Now available in the USA and Canada under the title Veggie from the Start. Published by The Experiment.

What people are saying

“For specialist diets, Little Veggie Eats is a must read…”

The independent

“It’s sooooo much more than a baby food book — it’s a bible for cooking for the whole family”


"Rachel’s book is absolutely choc a bloc full of inspiration. I’ve been following her Instagram account for ages but to have it all in book form is absolutely amazing."

Shay, Amazon review

"A huge range of flavours, textures and colours to explore and none of the recipes are too daunting for this exhausted mum!"

Daisy, Amazon review







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